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Solicitation:  06.1-1305
Title: Nampa WWTP Phase I Upgrades: Project Group A - Liquid Stream Upgrades
Status: Expired
Purchase Agency: City of Nampa
Publish Date: 2/2/2015 8:00:00 AM
Due Date: 4/2/2015 2:00 PM MST
Contact: Dave Bergdolt,
Description: The Work consists of the construction of a new Primary Effluent Pump Station (PEPS) and an associated PEPS electrical building, a new Aeration Basin 3 and upgrades to the existing Aeration Basins 1 and 2, demolition of existing Trickling Filter 1, Secondary Clarifier 1, Secondary Effluent Pump Station and Secondary Sludge Pump Station to make room for the aforementioned PEPS and Aeration Basin 3, yard piping demolition and new yard piping to support the new PEPS and Aeration Basin 3, civil grading and roadways, site and equipment electrical work to support the new process facilities, and instrumentation and controls to support the new process facilities and begin the conversion of the site control network from a radial to a looped system.
Documents: NampaContractDocumentsVolume2SpecificationsDiv02-23.pdf, NampaContractDocumentsVolume3SpecificationsDiv26-44.pdf, DesignDetailsVolume1.pdf, DesignDetailsVolume2.pdf, DrawingsVolume1.pdf, DrawingsVolume2.pdf, DrawingsVolume3.pdf, DrawingsVolume4.pdf, DrawingsVolume5.pdf, SupplementaryInformationVolume1.pdf, SupplementaryInformationVolume2.pdf, SupplementaryInformationVolume3.pdf, Pages1fromNampaContractDocumentsVolume1Specifications.pdf, Pages2fromNampaContractDocumentsVolume1Specifications.pdf
Bid Submission: See Instruction to Bidders in Volume 1 - Specifications
Addendum: 2/13/2015: 00_91_13A_Addendum_1s.pdf, PEPS-2014-12-17.pdf, PEPS-Electrical-Building-2014-12-17.pdf

2/20/2015: Addendum #2 - 3 files 00_91_13A_Addendum_2.pdf, 00_91_13A_Addendum_2_Bidder_Questions.pdf, NampaWasteWater_Addendum2.pdf

2/24/2015: Addendum #1 Aeration_Basins.pdf, Site_YardPiping_12_17_14.pdf

2/27/2015: Addendum #3 00_91_13A_Addendum_3s.pdf

3/9/2015: Addendum #4 00_91_13A_Addendum_4s.pdf

3/16/2015: Addendum #5 Pages1from_00_91_13A_Addendum_5s.pdf, Pages2from_00_91_13A_Addendum_5s.pdf

3/25/2015: Addendum #6 - Final 00_91_13A_Addendum_6s-1.pdf, 00_91_13A_Addendum_6s-2.pdf, 00_91_13A_Addendum_6s-3.pdf

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