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Solicitation Notices
IDTitleIssued DateDue DateStatus
102417 Guaranteed Energy Saving Performance Contract 10/24/201711/14/2017Expired
122017 Cloud Based Content Filter 05/24/201706/06/2017Expired
112017 Fuel 05/04/201705/25/2017Expired
102017 Cloud Wireless LAN Management 04/12/201705/10/2017Expired
92017 Building Flooring Replacement 04/06/201705/02/2017Expired
82017 Request for Qualifications 03/14/201703/30/2017Expired
72017 Tennis Courts Resurfacing 02/23/201704/05/2017Expired
52017 Internet Service for High School 02/01/201703/03/2017Expired
62017 Internet for Pattonville School District 02/01/201703/03/2017Expired
42017 Alarm System Monitoring 01/19/201702/02/2017Expired
32017 Time & Attendance System
new addendum issued
12017 Turf Maintenance Service 01/11/201701/31/2017Expired
22017 Lawn Mowing Services 01/11/201702/07/2017Expired
9232016 Custodial Products 09/23/201610/07/2016Expired
9222016 Trash Liners
new addendum issued
42915 Printing Paper 04/29/201505/19/2015Expired
492015 Office Supplies 04/09/201504/30/2015Expired
2015-2 POTS Line Service 01/20/201502/13/2015Expired
2015-1 Cell Phone RFP 01/07/201502/06/2015Expired
14-01 Flooring Replacement 11/13/201412/02/2014Expired

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