Jackson County, FL - Purchasing
Solicitation Center

Solicitation Notices
IDTitleIssued DateDue DateStatus
1920-31 Lease of County Owned Property 07/29/202008/13/2020Open
1920-30 Endeavor Site Redevelopment - Phase 1: Demolition 07/16/202008/25/2020Open
1920-29 Spring Creek/Chipola River Cleanup 07/13/202007/30/2020Expired
1920-28 Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Heavy Equipment 07/07/202007/30/2020Expired
1920-27 Lease or Purchase Five (5) Motor Graders 06/25/202007/16/2020Expired
1920-25 Districts 1 and 5 Unpaved Roads Roadway Repairs 06/22/202007/20/2020Expired
1920-26 Districts 2 and 4 Unpaved Roads Roadway Repairs 06/22/202007/20/2020Expired
1920-24 Endeavor Autism Transition Program Educational Curiculum, Consulting and Support Services 06/18/202007/14/2020Expired
1920-22 Agricultural Center Concession Building Repairs 06/11/202007/09/2020Expired
1920-23 Roadside Litter Removal Contract for Jackson County Road Right-of-Ways 06/09/202006/25/2020Expired
2020-ENG-1 CR 167 (Fairview Road) CR 167 (Fairview Road) Signage & Pavement Marking 05/28/202006/18/2020Expired
1920-18 HRIS Recruitment & Tracking Service 05/13/202005/26/2020Expired
1920-21 Land Surveying Services Contract 05/11/202005/28/2020Expired
1920-20 CDBG Grant Administration Services 05/08/202005/26/2020Expired
1920-19 (Rebid) Citizens Lodge Roof and Ceiling Repair 05/04/202005/19/2020Expired
1920-14 Emergency Sign Repair and Replacement Contract 03/31/202004/30/2020Expired
1920-16 Administration and Lewis Building Repairs 03/13/202004/30/2020Expired
1920-17 Spring Creek Boardwalk Repairs 03/12/202004/02/2020Expired
1920-11 Archaeology Services for Debris/Stump Removal at Endeavor Property 02/28/202003/26/2020Expired
1920-15 Architectural Design Services-Project Blue Sky 02/26/202003/31/2020Expired

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