Jackson County, FL - Purchasing
Solicitation Center

Solicitation Notices
IDTitleIssued DateDue DateStatus
1718-06 Purchase two (2) new 3/4 ton Crew Cab Pickup Trucks 11/30/201712/13/2017Expired
1718-07 Purchase two (2) new Bumper Pull Trailers 11/30/201712/13/2017Expired
1718-08 Purchase two (2) new Squad Trucks for Road & Bridge 11/30/201712/13/2017Expired
1718-09 Purchase - new Fork Lift for Road & Bridge 11/30/201712/13/2017Expired
1718-04 Purchase of a new 2017 Lowboy Semi-truck for Jackson County Road & Bridge Department 11/18/201712/01/2017Expired
1718-02 Grant Writing Services 11/18/201712/15/2017Expired
1718-05 New Mowing Contract for Jackson County right-of-ways 11/18/201712/19/2017Open
1718-03 Repairs to Fire Sprinkler System at Jackson County Correctional Facility (JCCF) 11/02/201711/16/2017Expired
1617-47 Engineering & Design Continuing Services Contract 10/02/201711/02/2017Expired
1617-48 Construction Engineering Inspection( CEI) Continuing Service Contract 10/02/201711/02/2017Expired
1617-ENG-D4 RFQ for Design Services CR 286 (Blueberry Road) HMGP Drainage Project 08/26/201709/28/2017Expired
1617-46 DESIGN BUILD for NEW JACKSON COUNTY FIRE & RESCUE STATION #22 08/26/201709/25/2017Expired
1617-42 Annual Grader Blade contract 08/12/201708/23/2017Expired
1617-43 Annual Culvert Pipe Contract 08/12/201708/23/2017Expired
1617-ENG-07 Bowden Hill Road Project 08/09/201708/31/2017Expired
1617-ENG-06 FEMA-Circle Hill Road (from Timberlane Road to Oak Grove Road) 07/15/201707/27/2017Expired
1617-ENG-09 FEMA-District 1 Improved Roads 07/15/201707/27/2017Expired
1617-37 Construction and Engineering Inspection Services - District 1 Roads 07/08/201707/26/2017Expired
1617-38 Construction and Engineering Inspection Services - Circle Hill Road 07/08/201707/26/2017Expired

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