Jackson County, FL - Purchasing
Solicitation Center

Solicitation Notices
IDTitleIssued DateDue DateStatus
1819-41 Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Services 09/19/201910/17/2019Open
1819-38(Rebid) Residential & Commercial Inspection Services 09/05/201909/19/2019Expired
1819-33 (Rebid) Annual Culvert Pipe Contract 09/04/201909/19/2019Expired
1819-39 CEI Services for CR 162 Elevation and Drainage HMGP Project 4177-31-A 08/22/201909/25/2019Open
1819-ENG-04 CR 162 Resurfacing Project 08/22/201909/25/2019Open
4177-31-A CR 162 Elevation and Drainage Phase II (HMGP) Project 08/22/201909/25/2019Open
1819-37 Community Development/Building Dept Software 08/14/201908/29/2019Expired
1819-38 Residential & Commercial Building Inspection Services 08/14/201908/29/2019Expired
1819-36 Establish New Mowing Contract for Jackson County right-of-ways 08/10/201908/29/2019Expired
1819-34 Lobbyist Services 07/27/201908/07/2019Expired
1819-33 Establish a New Contract for the Supply of Culvert Pipe 07/27/201908/14/2019Expired
1819-31 Establish New Carpet/Tile Cleaning Contract for all Jackson County Owned Buildings 07/20/201908/07/2019Expired
1819-32 Establish New Cleaning Contract for Jackson County Health Department 07/20/201908/07/2019Expired
1819-30 Jackson Blue Spring Recreation Area Storm Water Improvement Project 07/18/201908/22/2019Expired
1819-ENG-03 County Road 278 Resurfacing Project (from SR 73 to SR 71) 07/12/201908/22/2019Expired
1819-ENG-06 Meadowview Road Emergency Headwall Repair 06/19/201907/27/2019Expired
1819-24 Grader Blade Annual Contract 05/24/201906/10/2019Expired
1819-23 Purchase new Forklift for the Ag Center 05/23/201906/05/2019Expired
1819-09 Purchase four (4) 1/2 Ton Crew Cab PickupTrucks 05/23/201906/10/2019Expired
1819-ENG-05 McCormick Lake Road Project 05/22/201906/27/2019Expired

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