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Solicitation:  1718-36
Title: Request for Qualification for CEI Service for FEMA Project 6
Status: Expired
Purchase Agency: County of Jackson
Publish Date: 9/8/2018
Due Date: 9/27/2018 1:00 PM CST
Contact: jaustin @ (850) 482-9633, jaustin@jacksoncountyfl.com
Description: Project: FEMA 6 - Roads in SW Jackson County
The Contractors Work includes hauling, spreading and compacting limerock base and fill dirt to restore the roads (limerock and earthwork); pipe work and installation; cleaning and restoring ditches and pipes; concrete work, grading the roads, mixing dirt and other work as indicated in the quantities.

The consultant will provide on site inspectors to monitor the work of the contractor and to ensure that the roads are restored to acceptable condition in support of the Jackson County Engineering and Road Departments. The roads involved are listed in the form of proposal along with the quantities of work.
Documents: 1718-ENG-8-RFQ-CEI-FEMA-Project6-ITB.doc, 1718-36-RFQ-CEI-FEMAProject6-Specs.doc
Bid Submission: Sends Manually SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DATE: 09/27/2018 TIME: 1:00 pm CST. Bid Opening: 09/27/2018 at 1:00 PM, CST. Submit SEALED BID identified by the NAME OF THE FIRM, NAME AND NUMBER OF THE BID, ALONG WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF OPENING

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