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Solicitation:  2021-11
Title: Generator Maintenance Services
Status: Expired
Purchase Agency: County of Jackson
Publish Date: 1/27/2021 5:00:00 AM
Due Date: 2/11/2021 2:00 PM CST
Contact: Hunter Potts (850) 718-8142, pottsh@jacksoncountyfl.gov
Description: The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners is seeking a qualified company/firm to perform professional maintenance, inspection, and testing services for County owned and maintained generators. The services would be performed on a routine and as needed basis for 11 generators of varying location, make, and model. It is the intent of the County to select and negotiate one contract, to be renewed annually, with a firm that meets the requirements outlined in the RFP.

*Submittals must include the following:
1. Submittal Cover Sheet
2. Firm qualifications and capabilities
3. Qualifications, resumes, certifications, and licenses of proposed professional personnel
4. Client references for similar projects
5. Experience on similar projects
6. Evidence of registration and statement of professional liability insurance and license(s)
7. Proposed Fee Schedule
8. Signed copies as required of Affidavits and Acknowledgements

Proposers shall be ranked per the following selection criteria:
• Company/Firm Qualifications and Capabilities
• Experience with Similar Generator Maintenance Service Projects
• Client References for Similar Generator Maintenance Service Projects
• Proposed Fee Schedule to Complete Services

Upon selection of a qualified company/firm by the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners, the firm shall meet with the owner, tour the proposed sites, and assist in evaluating the various generator sizes, functions, and budget. After final review, the company/firm shall conduct a final cost breakdown and enter into a contract with Jackson County Board of County Commissioners.
Documents: 2021-11GeneratorServiceContractITP.pdf, RFP2021-11GeneratorServiceContract-BidDocs.pdf
Bid Submission: DATE: Deadline: 2/11/2021 TIME: 2:00 pm, CST. Bid Opening: 2/11/2021 at 2:00 pm, CST. Submit SEALED BID identified by the NAME OF THE FIRM, NAME AND NUMBER OF THE BID, ALONG WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF OPENING
Addendum: 2/5/2021: Addendum 1 - Q & A 2021-11Addendum1-Q&A.docx

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