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Solicitation:  1718-ENG-08
Title: FEMA Project 6 - Roads Southwestern part of Jackson County
Status: Expired
Purchase Agency: County of Jackson
Publish Date: 9/12/2018
Due Date: 10/4/2018 1:00 PM CST
Contact: Larry Alvarez (850) 482-9677, lalvarez@jacksoncountyfl.com
Description: FEMA 6 Procject - Roads Southwestern part of Jackson County
The Work involves restoring the roads to pre-disaster condition or to acceptable
conditions as determined by inspector/engineer, and includes pulling ditches;
cleaning ditches and removing and disposing of material; restoring road surface
including scarifying and placing fill material, mixing and compacting the road
surface; hauling, placing and compacting sand clay mixture fill material and/or
limerock base material; hauling, placing, and compacting stone; and cleaning and/or replace pipes where indicated and included in pay items. The Engineer may adjust the quantities prior to or after award as needed to deduct (or add) quantities of work that has been performed by the Road Department as part of their ongoing maintenance.
Documents: 1718-ENG-08-FEMA-Project6-ITB.doc, Addendum1-FEMA6.pdf, 1718-ENG-08-Addendum2.pdf
Bid Submission: Sends Manually SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DATE: 10/04/2018 TIME: 1:00 pm CST. Bid Opening: 10/04/2018 at 1:00 PM, CST. Submit SEALED BID identified by the NAME OF THE FIRM, NAME AND NUMBER OF THE BID, ALONG WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF OPENING

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