Solicitation Center

Solicitation Notices
IDTitleIssued DateDue DateStatus
B-17-05 On-Call Engineering, Surverying, Testing and/or Environmental Services 05/17/201706/09/2017Expired
B-17-04 Public Works, Recovery, and Infrastructure Construction
new addendum issued
Announcement Released
B-17-02 Detention Center Inmate Phone System 2017
new addendum issued
Announcement Released
B-17-03 Detention Center Medical Services Director - FINAL ATTEMPT 04/11/201706/06/2017Expired
B-17-01 Finance Department Audit Services
new addendum issued
B-16-12 - Attempt 2 Employee Group Vision Plan - Attempt 2 12/16/201601/05/2017Expired
B-16-14 Fire Service Helicopter Operation and Maintenance 12/13/201612/23/2016Expired
B-16-13 Fire Service Medical Direction and Quality Management Services 12/09/201612/23/2016Expired
B-16-10 - ATTEMPT 2 Consultant and Lobbyist Services 11/08/201611/28/2016Expired
B-16-12 Employee Group Vision Plan 11/01/201612/10/2016Expired
B-16-09 Detention Center Pharmaceutical Services Attempt 2 10/20/201611/18/2016Expired
B-16-11 York & Paris Subdivision Sewer/Street Improvements 09/21/201610/20/2016Expired
B-16-10 Consultant and Lobbyist Services 06/14/201609/19/2016Expired
B-16-08 Detention Center Medical Services Director 06/01/201606/30/2016Expired
B-16-07 Detention Center Nursing Services 05/27/201606/20/2016Expired
B-16-06 Employee Drug Screening Services 02/19/201603/21/2016Expired
B-16-05 Sandpoint Landfill Fiber Optic Circuit 02/19/201603/22/2016Expired
B-16-04 Engineering Services for the Sandpoint Landfill 02/19/201603/30/2016Expired
B-16-03 Oil & Gas Personal Property Audit for Eddy County Assessor 02/05/201603/10/2016Expired
B-16-02 Employee Physicals/Medical Services for Eddy County 02/04/201603/08/2016Expired

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